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Cholesterol and Health

Cholesterol and Health: The Use of Taurine

Cholesterol and Health

"Aggressive treatment of atherosclerotic risk factors can substantially reduce stroke risk....There is no role for Hormone Replacement Therapy in prevention of stroke. Weight loss, for overweight patients, regular exercise, and a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, and fish, as well as low in fat and cholesterol should be a standard recommendation....There is no benefit to vitamin E, vitamin C, or beta-carotene supplementation. Smokers should stop....heavy alcohol use (more than five drinks a day) increases stroke risk." [1]

"Ischemic heart disease 'reduction of blood supply to the heart] is associated with high rates of mortality and it is the most prevalent among cardiovascular diseases. It is a 'multi-faceted] disease, and its prevention depends on control of risk factors. ....'high cholesterol] in our examinations, resulted in a 1.83 times greater risk for heart disease....Among the three most important risk factors, two can be controlled by nutritional intervention--hypertension and total cholesterol 'of more than 200.]" They recommend the use of electrocardiograms for early detection.

"The effect of a high-cholesterol diet with or without taurine 'a protein] on 'fat content] and oxidative stress in the 'blood,] liver and aorta of rabbits was investigated. [2]

"Our findings indicated that taurine ameliorated oxidative stress and cholesterol accumulation in the aorta of rabbits fed on the high-cholesterol diet and that this effect may be related to it's antioxidative potential as well as its reducing effect on serum 'fats]." [3]

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